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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Toilet Paper Diaries (END + preview)

This week we see the end of Holly N.L.'s fictional diaries in the world of canonFOUR, and find ourselves with a preview of what will come next week, Vision Quest by Quentin Harsh. And now, for the conclusion:

July 13 Eleven years after the fall of mankind

They knew nothing. At the shop where we hammer metal a man cut off his hand. The police, or what we call the police, came in and brought him outside. I heard the sharp, single pelt of gunfire and a harsh thump. I know that we might have made that metal. But it was like before only with nothing to distract our minds from the real truth.

… In side the complex my place was replaced with a small family. I didn’t feel all that happy but not really all that sad. I would just apply for another small place. Under the High Reign they supply us with living spaces. Maybe I can have a place of my own. The steps are comfortable enough. They are familiar…


Vision Quest, a preview:

When he reached the Rectory, Jeremy was feeling nervous. What if Father Geoffrey didn't believe him? Of course he would. Geoffrey was very closely in touch with spritual forces. He had become, in only the eleven years he had lived in New Eden, the most influencial figure in the community. Most of the Old People didn't respect his wisdom; but his followers, particularly the Deacons, were deathly loyal to him. The door opened...

See more of Father Geoffrey and Jeremy in the upcoming weeks on canonFOUR!

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