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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Toilet Paper Diaries (pt 2 + 3)

This week, we get to see parts two and three of Holly N.L.'s "The Toilet Paper Diaries." I hope you enjoy it! Also, we now have a canonFOUR button that you can place on your own website. If you can, please consider affiliating with us! Thank you for checking us out, and without further ado -

March 27 Ten years after the fall of mankind

Today in the complexes our water system busted. Water was every where; we were all demanded to leave the facility until it was fixed. I know and you know that it will take weeks. So I sit outside in the dirty streets as I write with you pressed against my knee. The families around me sit and wait like I do. It really did not surprise any one of us, really; it was a four room building with 12 families piled in neatly. So we sit and watch things pass us by when we are demanded to leave our home. I watch the children run off too work with no salary and the parents go off too council meetings; “Can we salvage the air crafts, the automobiles, and the advances”?

We watch the beaten down shopping carts hobble past us. Our eyes still turn over to the tall stacks of smocking hell on earth with its’ black, billowing, hateful mess. It was where all the new things were created. To better save….

April 29 Ten years after the fall of mankind

… I woke up with the nightmare blazing in my brain. To think we saw it coming.

My boss told me that the business of delivery was no longer needed. The once and again air craft was reinvented. It would seem it is lost and found knowledge. I really didn’t care, really I didn’t.

I walked home to the complex and sat outside on the steps. They were different looking aircrafts. In World War III they were smooth and swift with grey metal and frightful speed. They carried the hydrogen bomb with them at all times. World War III was nothing compared to this hell. It was sort of like a dirty pillow faced to the option of stone. Hell or Hell?

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