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Friday, March 30, 2007

Vision Quest (part 3)

Shorter this week, but only in word count, not quality :) As usual, Vision Quest is written by Quentin Harsh. Without further ado:

"Jeremy," He said in his soft voice. A voice which was so melodic and subtle, with it's sing-songy Manchester accent, that it seemed to permeate the very souls of all who heard it. It was hard to believe this was the voice of the same man who could summon the most righteous fury during his sermons. His voice would grow loud, and all his kind appearance would twist into something truely terrifying. It was this very transformation which had attracted Jeremy to the priest's ways of thinking in the first place. "Come in, sit down. Can I get you anything?"

"No thanks, Father." Jeremy replied. He sat down on a wooden chair next to the fan. It was a hot enough afternoon that most people in the dome would have their fans on all day. "I have need of your advice." He said.

The priest turned to Jeremy and looked earnestly into his eyes. He pulled a chair across from him and sat down, "What is it that troubles you, child?"
"A dream, Father. A dream which has plagued me nearly every time I have closed my eyes for the last six weeks. I believe it to be a calling from God or the Angels." Geoffrey nodded gravely, "Tell me of your dream."

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